Loft Conversion in East London – the lowdown

Loft conversions can take a few weeks to complete, but they need not be complicated. An experienced DIY enthusiast can get the job done with enough research, patience, and time, but the reality is that the end result may more functional than spectacular. Hiring a specialist loft conversion contractor can ensure you have both – they have the experience, the right knowledge, and the resources to make sure your new loft looks exactly as you imagined it to.

Why get a loft conversion?

There are lots of reasons why you may be considering a loft conversion. You may want to:

  • Get more space. A new study, bedroom, gym, hobby room, bathroom, entertainment room or storage room… You name it, it can be done!
  • Increase the value of your property. Extra space will add value and be more cost-effective than moving home.
  • Grow the family and need a little extra space.
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Add a rental opportunity and create some extra income.


At iLoft Conversions we have made whatever the need or dream is into a reality for a range of clients. We guide our clients through the process, their options, the costs and timescales and help them make the right decision for their home and needs.


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A guide to the different types of loft conversion.

The type of loft conversion you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the type of property you have, how much extra space you want, and the type of room(s) you need amongst others. The guide below offers an overview of the types of loft conversion available and their main features.


Rear dormer loft conversion

Offering plenty of space to the rear and designed to blends in seamlessly with the design of your home. This is one of the most popular types of loft conversion as it usually does not require planning permission. It is achieved by expanding your roof space outwards, creating space for a new bedroom, living space, or entertainment area.

Mansard loft conversion

This option will add lots of new space with good headroom. One side of your roof will be rebuilt to create the extra space for a new bedroom, office, hobby room or anything else you have in mind. This type of conversion will require planning permission before work can begin as it will entail some structural changes.

Hip to gable loft conversion

Similar style to a rear dormer loft conversion this style is suitable for end-of-terrace homes. It works by removing the hips – the end walls – and replacing them with gable walls instead to create considerable new headroom. This style of conversion does not usually require planning permission.

L-shaped dormer conversion

The L-Shaped Dormer loft conversion is one of the lofts that offers the greatest amount of space. Aptly named, this loft conversion fits into the roof of an ‘L-shaped’ property, typical of many Victorian houses, as well as houses on corners.

Velux loft conversion

Bring brightness to your loft quickly and easily by installing Velux windows. You don’t need planning permission for this type of conversion but can still add plenty of light and ventilation to transform your loft into a bright and inviting space.

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